CORIUM is a unique cladding system that combines the natural beauty of real brick, with the cost effective, fast track installation of ‘system’ based cladding. It offers a genuine brick finish for projects where a cladding system brick wall is required rather than traditional brickwork, such as intricate curved walls or mid to high-rise buildings. CORIUM can be used with a wide range of substructures, including concrete, timber frame, structural steel, lightweight steel frames, masonry and structurally insulated panels.

Innovative, versatile and offering unlimited design flexibility, CORIUM can be mounted at any angle to achieve some truly original finishes. CORIUM can also be used overhead to create soffits and ceilings. And with the large range of colours and textures available, the only limit to what can be done is your imagination.

To download technical drawings for the CORIUM system visit the downloads page.

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CORIUM. Using and installing.

CORIUM is a supply and fix solution from PGH Bricks & Pavers through trained installers. Easy to use and simple to install CORIUM can be fixed from mobile platforms, scissor lifts, mast climbers, or traditional scaffolding. CORIUM can be used with a wide range of substructures:

  • Concrete
  • Timber frame
  • Structural steel
  • Lightweight steel frame
  • Masonry
  • Structural insulated panels
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CORIUM. Strength, speed and simplicity of installation


  • Rows of profiled steel sections are fixed to the backing structure with vertical support at maximum 600mm centres
  • Sections are designed to interlock vertically


  • CORIUM brick-tiles are clipped into place
  • Clipping process ensures consistent horizontal joints are achieved
  • Vertical joint spacing can be adjusted to suit design requirements


  • Mortar applied using a pump system
  • Pre-bagged Historic KL mortar preferred - developed specifically for CORIUM and suits brick tile characteristics
  • 5 standard mortar colours available - bespoke colours can be matched
  • Preferred joint profiles are ironed or flushed
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Prefabricated solution through offsite manufacturing

CORIUM is also available as a prefabricated solution, where manufacturing takes place under quality controlled, factory conditions. This allows for construction without delay due to adverse weather, reducing materials wastage and dramatically reducing onsite construction time. Prefabricated panels are either lightweight steel frame, or unitised aluminium systems, and are available for larger scale projects where overall project cost savings would be realised.

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